The Best 5 Tips for Finding a Powerful Music Mentor

Sure, you want a music mentor, but you’ve wondered how the heck you go about getting one – right? Before you read another post on LinkedIn or another article about it in an online magazine, feast your eyes on these industry insider tips on how to find a music mentor to guide you along your crazy awesome music business path.

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How to Make Money on Bandcamp

Whether you are a Ramen-eating, always driving on empty, can barely pay the rent musician, or you’ve got the hang of the business and are moving up in the music world, an online presence is essential. And what better way to be that online presence than through music and merchandise sales?

Cue Bandcamp, a privately held company founded by two former Oddpost founders, Ethan Diamond and Shawn Grunberger in 2007. Catering primarily to independent artists, Bandcamp provides an online platform for you to sell your music and your merch. And guess what? It’s free. Well, kind of…

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Fighting back against writer's block

Moving Beyond Writer’s Block: How to Fight Back

Much of my background is in writing—fiction, in particular. A writer, even a good writer, often (“often” is at times a dramatic understatement) deals with the dreaded writer’s block. Writer’s block is easily applicable to musicians. Whether you plan to sit down to write a chapter or a song, if you experience that black hole in your mind (dread, anxiety, fear or all of the above) at the thought of writing, you experience writer’s block.

Just thinking about writer’s block makes my insides squirm. I hate it. I despise the feeling that everything I’m about to write is going to be stupid, unoriginal, or nonexistent. Why do you exist “writer’s block”? Why? Why can’t all my thoughts be golden and all my words poignant?

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Growth hacking your way to music success

Use Growth Hacking Techniques to Market Music Online

If you’re at a point where you’re ready to release music to the world, you should know about the term “growth hacking.” The term refers to the type of marketing typically done by startups with no budget. It’s all about finding unconventional ways to get your music out in the world and heard by the fans who will love it the most. Marketing in music can feel very stale, with the endless cycle of YouTube videos, blog submissions, Soundcloud links, and Facebook pages. To cut through the clutter, try using some of these techniques!

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How to Get More Facebook Fans by Installing BandPage

Did you know that there are more people that regularly use Facebook than Twitter, Myspace, and YouTube combined?

As an independent musician, taking advantage of Facebook’s user-regularity can create and secure fans. However, maximizing your fan engagement on Facebook doesn’t always come down to common sense alone.

In the past few years, Facebook has increased its worth in the eyes of promising musicians by collaborating with BandPage. BandPage calls itself “the #1 application for musicians to set up their presence on Facebook, where you can show off your music, bio, photos, videos, and shows.” BandPage’s social sharing tools are deeply integrated with Facebook, making it easier for you to be where your fans are online. It’s one of the simplest ways to get more Facebook fans. So how can you take advantage of both BandPage and Facebook? Check out the quick tips below and get started!

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7 Unconventional Music Marketing Strategies That Can Lead You to Success

Today, “marketing” has evolved to include many different facets. In fact, marketing is no longer just putting a video out there, or a commercial, or a magazine ad. Today, marketing is about “creating the future”. It is about responding to the market in real time. Because there are so many different aspects of current marketing tactics, there is a lot of room for creativity. Today, the successful marketer is creative. In this post, we are going to explore a few creative marketers at their best. Perhaps, there are some common threads that intertwine them all, from Beyoncé to Tim Ferriss. And even more, maybe you can take advantage of these unique marketing tactics when marketing your music.

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What to Tell People Who Want to Steal Your Music

Whether you’re a musician, singer/songwriter, an audio engineer/producer or work in other aspects of the music business, you have undoubtedly run into people who don’t want to pay for your music or services and think that since you’re “creative” that you should work for free. This is unfortunately a very prominent concept within our modern music business, and we must work diligently to dispel this way of thinking, particularly as digital distribution has become so widespread over the last decade or so. When someone doesn’t want to pay for your music, here’s what you should do:

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Brand Image

Creating and Sustaining a Fan Mob with Your Brand Image

Do you want to create a following that will carry you through your career? Are you looking for consistency—a group of people that will back you for years, buy your tickets, support your latest venture? Do you want to connect and build a fan base, a fan base that resembles a mob?


These are fantastic desires. As Sean Smith writes, “Building a community, your own personal mob is the only ‘growth hack’ you’ll ever need.” The validity of this statement is there—a thriving community of supporters would no doubt help cultivate and sustain your career. But what is the first step in creating a following?


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Why Musical Talent Isn’t Enough to Succeed

Talent can be enticing. And powerful. And desirable. But it can also be deceptive. A friend of mine—a lead guitarist—has been playing since he was five. He is an expert in music theory, and can play a song by ear. Yet, he has the work ethic of a jellyfish. He rarely wakes up before 1pm, and his practice consists of him messing around in his garage with drunk friends. Now, there is nothing wrong with this—had he not claimed multiple times, that his life goal was to tour with a well-known band, or make it big himself. Don’t make the mistake of believing talent is enough – it’s not.

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