Featured Artist of the Month: Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer is cut from the same cloth as country/pop artists Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift – but I’m hesitant to float out the comparison because her music is distinctly her own.


The singer/songwriter was born and raised in Central Florida by her musician father and artist mother.   She began her music career at the age of 6 when she took her first classical piano lesson.  While she was reluctant to practice the lengthy classical pieces she was assigned, she instead began composing her own.


Her love for composition was only furthered when she began studying both classical and pop voice.  She began working and collaborating with other artists at an early age.  In high school, Sarah recorded a series of demos with guitarist Steve Morse that would later become her debut full-length album, Angelfire.


On the exterior, the singer/songwriter’s songs feel light and catchy but the lyrics and overall composition of her tunes are very well thought out.  Her ability to craft smooth melodies over the acoustic guitar gives her songs an easy, effortless feel – every lyric hits exactly where it should.  She does a great job of mixing in her charming wit to fill out each song.


While she has a dash of Southern Spectacle, her voice can lend itself to a multitude of genres.  Sarah currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, working as a songwriter and session singer.  Make sure to check out her work and pages to stay up-to-date on the latest news!

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