Dana McKeon_Street Art

Featured Artist of the Month: Dana McKeon

Dana McKeon isn’t your average singer/songwriter.  The Malta native is also a multi-instrumentalist and international beatbox pioneer.


McKeon was a female finalist at the 2012 World Beatbox Championships as wells as the 2012 and 2013 UK Beatbox Championships.  She currently is ranked 5th worldwide and second in the UK.


Dana uses her unique skillset to craft genre-bending tunes.  She pairs her world-class vocal percussion techniques with her folk-like ability to tell a story through her songs.  She ties it all together with catchy melodies and infectious choruses.

Her versatility doesn’t stop with her talents and songwriting.  McKeon has ventured all around Europe, performing in intimate settings as well as large scale concerts.  You can catch her as a solo act as well as alongside her band.


McKeon released her debut EP, Street Art, in April and since then has seen the title track top Airplay Charts in Malta as well as reach radio stations worldwide.


The singer/songwriter  is currently based in London while touring the UK and other countries in Europe. Check out the official music video for her hit song, Street Art.


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