Featured Artist of the Month: Alex Ellis

Alex Ellis, also known as AE|Beats, is a man of many hats –  Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Composer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer – just to name a few.  Ellis has been an extremely consistent member at FindMySong, earning him a featured spotlight.


The Kansas City-based artist has been writing songs – for a number of different genres – for over 17 years, although, he mainly focuses on rock, pop, and hip-hop.  Alex has played in bands his entire musical career and has been working at The Record Machine since receiving his Masters in Music Business from Berklee College of Music.  At The Record Machine, Alex does it all, including: managing album campaigns, leading innovative marketing strategies, social media promotion, as well as A&R and executing/curating local events for the community.

As a songwriter, Alex is very technical in his approach – often molding the tune around the emotional and lyrical aspects of the song.  His ability to adapt his musical stylings has led to countless collaborations around the world.


Alex Ellis has been recording independent artists in his home studio for over 6 years and has been using FindMySong to connect with even more artists.  He has a number of projects in the works and is constantly creating more to further spread his reach in the music world.


His “Jack of all trades” approach to music and music collaboration makes it difficult to define him.  Whether he is producing, mastering, or promoting a local show – his passion for music and music collaboration is truly infectious.

Musician, Boston sports-fan, human-being. I graduated with a degree in Music performance in 2012 and I am the Director of Marketing and Social Media at FindMySong.