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Featured Artist of the Month: Jacobi

Alabama native, Nathan Brown, has always had a strong love for music.  Nathan, who goes by the name Jacobi, developed his craft by singing in church.   Pop acts like Michael Jackson inspired Jacobi to become an entertainer:  ”I remember learning how to ‘moonwalk’. You couldn’t tell me nothin’! I ‘moonwalk-ed’ at least 10 times a day after that!”  


How to Prepare for a Successful Recording Session: Pre-Production Tips for Songwriters

This is a guest post written by Dan Ainspan.  Drummer, Producer, Videographer, Writer.  New York Giants fan. Senior at The State University of New York College at Oneonta. Check him out on YouTube and follow him on social media. @DrumsetDan13 | |   So the time has come. You’ve spent hours on end writing and practicing your own original song, you’ve played


Featured Artist of the Month: Alex Ellis

Alex Ellis, also known as AE|Beats, is a man of many hats –  Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Composer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer – just to name a few.  Ellis has been an extremely consistent member at FindMySong, earning him a featured spotlight.   The Kansas City-based artist has been writing songs – for a number of different genres – for over 17 years,


From Major Label Artist to DIY Musician w/ Matt Hires

A few weeks ago I caught up with Matt Hires to talk to him about house show tours.  After catching one of his shows first hand, Matt was kind enough to stop by our office to discuss his transition from a major label artist to a “Do-It-Yourself” musician.  He even sat down to play a few songs for us –


Featured Artist of the Month: Northern National

Dallas, TX trio, Northern National, uses honest lyrics and foot stomping melodies to capture audiences. The alternative/pop outfit, consisting of John Michael Kanne, Michael Ross, & Michael Allen Wilson, will be releasing their debut album “Young & in Love” on September 2nd, 2014.   The self-proclaimed “songwriters before musicians” blend acoustic-pop music with complex ideas about love.  Add in a touch


5 Reasons Why Musicians Need (Better) Websites

David Dufresne is the CEO of Bandzoogle, a website platform for independent musicians. Bandzoogle was founded in 2003, and tens of thousands of musicians have built their website and host it using Bandzoogle’s easy-to-use tools.   The Internet is a big and scary place. When you’re a musician and your focus is to practice, write and perform, figuring out where to


Simple Rules for Submitting Your Music to a Blog/Sponsorship Competition

I spent a few years in concert booking and I currently host a sponsorship competition through FindMySong.  I also preview music for our blog.   Every day I preview amazing music from driven artists like yourself, but most of these submissions are honestly awful.  When you don’t put much effort into your online application, it reflects poorly on you as


Featured Artist of the Month: Dana McKeon

Dana McKeon isn’t your average singer/songwriter.  The Malta native is also a multi-instrumentalist and international beatbox pioneer.   McKeon was a female finalist at the 2012 World Beatbox Championships as wells as the 2012 and 2013 UK Beatbox Championships.  She currently is ranked 5th worldwide and second in the UK.   Dana uses her unique skillset to craft genre-bending tunes.


How to: House Show Tours with Matt Hires

Matt Hires is no novice to the touring world.  The singer/songwriter spent 6 years under F-Stop Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records.  After parting ways with his label in January, Hires was looking for different avenues to explore his newfound freedom.   After reading an article on house show tours, the Tampa native set up a 5 show, east-coast tour


Featured Artist of the Month: Darren Jackson

Hip/Hop artist and St. Louis, MO native, Darren Jackson, is cut from a different mold than most in his genre.  Jackson grew up with a passion for poetry which eventually evolved into his love for hip/hop.  Darren began teaching himself piano his senior year of high school, only furthering his desire for a career in music.   After graduating high school,


Featured Artist of the Month: Celeste Louise

Miami based singer/songwriter, Celeste Louise, has put an emphasis on studying the creative arts  from a young age.  Born in Germany and raised stateside, Celeste found herself having a different outlook compared to her American friends, while also finding it difficult to connect with her European peers.  The one constant in her life was music.   At the age of


It All Starts Here for Magic Man

We hold our heads over the rising tide To find our way out the city lights The morning skies never seemed so clear It all starts here   It all starts here.  Magic Man headed out on their first headlining tour on July 8th.  The quintet’s journey began in San Deigo at the Casbah followed by two shows in Los


Featured Artist of the Month: BLPWSI

Better Looking People With Superior Ideas is an electronic rock duo from Los Angeles comprised of multi-instrumentalists Nick Norton and Craig Vermeyen.   The duo first began creating music together in a progressive-punk band in college and eventually found themselves in Los Angeles, where they both were embarking on new beginnings.  Norton and Vermeyen initially set out to write simple,


Magic Man ‘Before the Waves’

You are about to embark on the most wonderful experience of your life.  I will not explain at this moment how and why it works.  I don’t have the time, just dance. The intro to Magic Man‘s opening track, “Texas,” off of their upcoming album, Before the Waves, says it all.  Just Dance.   I caught up with Sam and


Featured Artist of the Month: Movement 22

EDM producer Pontus Lindh, aka Movement 22,  has had a strong love for electronic music since his early childhood.  At just 13 years of age, Pontus began producing Techno music.  Over the years, Pontus has developed his own style, a blend of  Electro/House and Dubstep. Lindh worked on his latest album for over a year, honing his craft until it


Featured Artist of the Month: Blue Light Bandits

Launching their musical association as a vocal harmony rich duo back in high school,  Dan DeCristofaro (keys, guitar, vocals) and Ethan Bates (bass, cello, vocals) – founders of the dynamic, soul driven alt pop band Blue Light Bandits – scored their first lounge gig in Worcester, Massachusetts the summer after they graduated.  Over the years, as they expanded to a


Featured Artist of the Month: Greenhouse

Who says you can’t find good bands anymore? The Denton, Texas duo go against all claims that the aforementioned question would ring true. Greenhouse, in essence, is an electronic act that has been haunted by the musical stylings of 2000′s post-rock and rawness of 90′s guitar alternative.  Multi-instrumentalists Ryan Torres and Rex Hudson share synths and guitars while Ryan takes