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FindMySong was started out of frustration with the music industry. We set out to create a better way to meet incredible musicians, create music together, and publish that music with no legal issues. Our team is made up of passionate, enthusiastic people who are serious about creating an empowering service for music makers. We hope it shows every single day you use FindMySong.

Ever felt helpless without other musicians to support you? Ever floundered writing a song? Ever been burned by the music or copyright industry? We created FindMySong because music is meant to be delightful, not frustrating.

Traditional music companies profit by taking ownership of your music and cashing in on your efforts. FindMySong does not profit from your work. You can use our service completely free and retain 100% ownership of your music.

At FindMySong, we empower you by putting some of the best musicians in the world at your side. We provide you with the best tools online to create music with incredible musicians from anywhere. And we make managing your copyright a blissful experience.

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Our philosophy

We built FindMySong because we wanted to create products and services that reclaim the love and passionate spirit of making music. In fact, we're musicians and users ourselves. FindMySong is headquartered in sunny Los Angeles, California, where our engineers work side-by-side with our design and management teams. We keep everyone under the same roof because the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie makes our product better. We share coffee, favorite lunch spots, successes, struggles, new music and Imgur albums. We build FindMySong with the same passion we use to write music. If this sounds like the team you want to help you make music, sign up here.

Thanks for making such a great service. Two days in and I’ve already started writing with a kickass guitarist from New Orleans. I’ve never even been on that side of the country. Unreal.

Ben Johnson

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